Association of Physicians of India (API) is a body of around 18, 000 physicians and is one of India's leading association. This is a comprehensive and free reference application (app) for member physicians of API. It is a handy application for all physicians to connect, search and get to know about each other. The application is very informative, interactive and have education material. Registration has an easy to go steps with guidelines to register for API membership. Application has accommodated and upgraded the features of existing website for various sections like reference books, upcoming events, awards, orations. It is also linked to the websites of other bodies of API like ICP and PRF and to JAPI, the journal of API. The data gets updated regularly. The application provides easy access to articles, lecture videos, image gallery. Discussion topics is an interactive section allowing application users to share knowledge, discuss about it by posting comments. Through this application users can also contact the API office for any upgrade and views.
Operating System Android