Do you feel lost in the supermarket because of the variety of foods and you don't know how to cook them? And what about the time of cooking? Do you care to eat healthy and have a balanced diet? TimeToCook. IT is the awesome Cooking App made with love and passion in Italy. Our mission is to bring the culture of food and good eating in the digital era: cooking can be a fantastic experience, and we want to help you with that. NO complicated recipes with many ingredients. Out of one simple product you can make a fantastic and gorgeous dinner. NO previous knowledge is required to prepare tasty and healthy dishes. YES to easy and friendly user experience. YES to more enjoyment while cooking and less time required. We believe that cooking healthy, tasty and various simple dishes should be knowledge easy accessible to everyone in the world. The pleasure of eating daily meals can be summarized by two words: simplicity and passion in your cooking. TimeToCook. IT will make you feel comfortable and self-confident while cooking. The App assists you during the WHOLE process. Providing you with step-by-step cooking tips, the App will teach and advise you on how to choose foods in the grocery store and to prepare them before cooking. In one single App you will find detailed cooking time for hundreds of food according to different cooking methods. And YES, we have included wonderful multiple Timers that will take care of the cooking time of whatever you're preparing, and allowing you to set a custom timer. No need to worry about anything. You'll receive a notification when your dish is ready. Simple as that. We strongly believe that your cooking experience should be as easy and enjoyable as eating. In addition, TimeToCook. IT will let you know important nutrition facts of the selected food and its Calories, allowing you to have healthy and balanced diet. BUON APPETITO. ENJOY YOUR MEAL. Time To Eat IT. MAIN FEATURES: Hundreds of food divided in categories. Search Engine with vocal command and suggestions. Different cooking methods and cooking time according to them: Boiling. Steaming. Pan-frying / Simmering. Oven-baking / Oven-frying. Cooking time according to the way you cook the food: Whole. In pieces. Frozen. Cooking tips for each food and cooking method. Automatic timer for each food. Custom timer. Nutritional facts and Calories for each food. Possibility to save your favorite foods in a dedicated list. BONUSES: Home Section with many more features (for example, vegetables & fruits to eat after your workout or to boost your brain). Many more features coming soon with the next upgrades. We're happy to receive your feedback or opinion at app@timetocook. it. Our Website: http://www.timetocook. it. Our YouTube channel: TimeToCookIT (http://goo. gl/cphWDL).
Operating System Android