Focus on your exercise and not on the wall clock, forget about counting mentally your exercise sets or annotate on paper. Do you make exercise sets in greater or lesser number because you forget how many have you done? No more. EjerciTimer is ideal for training routines with sets, with EjerciTimer you start the rest timer manually, since in a series do not know how long it will take performing the exercise. Create exercises for each day of the week, for example: If you work chest on Monday, enter all exercises chest on that day. When you launch the application, it will automatically be ready to perform the exercises for the current day (on the top bar shown the current day), but if you want you can perform the another day workout, just touch the drop-down list of the top bar and select the day of your choice. Features: Perform sets no time limit. You decide when to start the rest timer. Without limit of exercises. Exercises for each day of the week. Accurate information on the screen to do the exercises.
Operating System Android