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I just wanted to pinpoint that I do not want the public to use this application, yet. There are FDA approved insulin dosage calculators. Please use those, as they are regulated. 1. If you have ACCU - CHECK meter, than use their application. More information on this application can be found on Healthline. Unfortunately, I do not have the resources right now to even register for FDA approval. However, that does not mean this application is useless. It contains many important features that are missing from a vast majority of other applications on the market. It serves as a template as to what capabilities a product should have. Personally, I created this application to help diabetics, while learning programming skills at the same time. Although a simple application, it does solve many of the problems manifested in other insulin dosage calculators. What exactly do I mean? A research study was conducted in 2015, which found that most calculators have some sort of faulty behavior. They lacked important elements, such as: 59% - 27/46 included a clinical disclaimer 30% - 14/46 documented the calculation formula91% - 42/46 lacked numeric input validation59% - 27/46 allowed calculation when one or more values were missing48% - 22/46 used ambiguous terminology9% - 4/46 not use adequate numeric precision4% - 2/46 did not store parameters faithfully67% - 31/46 inappropriate output dose recommendation 48% - 22/46 not match a stated formula37% - 17/46 did not correctly update in response to changing user inputWhen creating Diabetas, I wanted to incorporate these features. Although there are many diabetes mobile applications, most of them have one or another type of problem. This application has these components: Clinical disclaimer-Calculation formula with explanation on screen-Numeric input validation -no negative numbers -no calculations for numbers higher than 2, 500 mg/dL and lower than 75 mg/dL -warnings for corrections -physiological limitations on all values -warning that insulin dosage calculator rounds. 5 up-No calculation if a value is missing-updates in response to changing user inputsType two diabetes is becoming a growing problem in the world. People are needing more intense treatment options, including insulin. Insulin has a narrow therapeutic range. So, too little or too much can be a problem. That is why more regulated and accurate dosage calculators are needed. Another function of this application is an insulin dosage quiz. It helps the users become self-sufficient in their diabetes management. I am aware there are design and functionality problems. It would be better if the values were stored in the beginning. So, the user does not need to enter every time. They will be incorporated in the coming year. I have a long-term goal for Diabetas, which is to get it FDA approved. For this process, a number of risk factors should be taken into account. This will take time, and I am not sure the number of years. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Resources: 1. Huckvale, Kit, Samanta Adomaviciute, Jose Tomas Prieto, Melvin Khee-Shing Leow, and Josip Car. Smartphone Apps For Calculating Insulin Dose.
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