Hate to Wait? then skip the trip. No more wasting time in pharmacy lines or making separate trips to the pharmacy. Deliver My Rx provides a reliable and trusted way to have all of your prescriptions delivered to your door for no additional fee. From now on, the pharmacy comes directly to you. For the same copay, get free prescription delivery and rely on 24/7 support from your Family Pharmacist. Simple and Convenient- Easily transfer your existing prescriptions in minutes and we will deliver at refill time. Don't forget to transfer all of your pet (s) prescriptions too. We'll let you know when prescriptions are available and you tell us where and when you'd like them delivered. Free Delivery and Pharmacist Consultations- Why go to a corporate chain pharmacy when we'll deliver it for free for the same price, or possibly lower for your custom made and pet prescriptions? You pay only your regular copay because we work with almost all insurance providers. When you have questions, get immediate expert advice. Your Family Pharmacist is available anytime, 24/7 to ask questions about your retail prescriptions, compounded medications, over-the-counter drugs, and to help coordinate your healthcare with your doctors, and the health of your pet (s) with their veterinarian. Retail and Compounded Prescriptions- Our Family Pharmacist is highly skilled in compounding medications that need to be "made from scratch" for you and your pet (s). All retail medications will be delivered except for controlled substances listed under schedule #2 of the DEA's drug schedule which can be found on our website DeliverMyRx.comReliable, Private and Secure- Deliver My Rx handles your protected healthcare information with the highest standards for security and confidentiality according to HIPAA guidelines. All Deliver My Rx drivers are carefully vetted. Currently serving Florida, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.
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