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Eye Exerciser is an eye training program designed to improve eyesight. When you exercise your eyes, you move your eye muscles to create up-and-down, side-to-side or circular motion. You also work the muscles controlling back-and-forth movement of your eye's natural lens, to help achieve sight at multiple distances. Often, when people use their mobile devices, they tend to watch one spot for a very long time. This causes the eye muscles to stiffen and eyesight to gradually decline. The aim of Eye Exerciser is to stimulate the muscles of the eyes and thereby, improve your vision. Eye Exerciser includes various programs to exercise your eyes in different ways. If you use Eye Exerciser daily, your vision will gradually improve. The Eye Exerciser app is a universal app working on iPhone and iPad. If you buy one, then you can use on both devices. FEATURES. Basic eye muscle exercises - Basic exercises help you strengthen and stretch muscles of your eyes. Advanced eye muscle exercises - Advanced exercises make your eyes use more fine muscles than Basic Program. It may be hard to do exercise but Advanced Program gives better effects. Saccade exercise - A saccade is a fast movement of an eye. It can also be a fast shift in frequency of an emitted signal or other quick change. Infinity swing exercises - Infinity Swing exercises use the whole of the muscles of your eyes by rolling them around. Spiral exercises - Spiral exercises use the whole of the muscles of your eyes by rolling them around. And more exercises are being developed. THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACKSince 2011 (almost 5 years), eye doctors and their patients have used Eye Exerciser and provided feedbacks to help make the app more effective. We really appreciate these people. Eye Exerciser update with more exercise programs and functions periodically. Please help to make the app even more effective by giving your feedback. CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF EYE EXERCISER"Great way to train vision for speed with visual tracking and saccadic movements. "As bad as my eyes are I have taught them to be better using exercises like this app does than any eye doc ever was able to help. "Used this app for one day taking care to maintain proper distance. When the exercises ended, my eyes felt as though they had a good workout. I will continue to use this app. "I, like you, get tired eyes from looking into computers, books, TV and other people's eyes. I also have been wearing glasses since 1st grade, and at 58, I am now wearing progressive trifocals. This application has been a GOD send for the last four (4) years. Thank you. The exercises are easy to follow and have worked wonders with my eye health. The recent improvements in the circular and spiral exercises are amazing. "
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