FEATURES: Secure Messaging - Getting a call back from your medical home can take days and often resultsin yet another visit despite your need for an answer to a simple question. Certintell solves thisby allowing you to message directly to and receive replies back from your medical home doctor. Video Chat - How many times have you heard, "The doctor will need to take a look, " andpromptly been transferred to the office scheduling department? Video chat allows Certintellusers to schedule a virtual visit from the comfort of your own home or office to discuss medicalissues directly with your medical home doctor via phone, tablet or computer. No office visitrequired. Patient Data Access - Access your message history, video progress notes, prescribedmedications and health information within our easy to use platform. Access your informationfrom anywhere and use it to make better educated decisions regarding your health. It's yourhealth history. Own it. Scheduling - The average wait time to see a doctor in a metropolitan areas is 20 days. WithCertintell you can simply schedule a video appointment from the comfort of home. Your doctoris making house calls again.
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