The QUEJOMETRO. It is a simple and easy mobile application which allows counting daily complaints with this tool workshop participants "0 complaints " can register their complaints, and so locate the level where you are and the type of complaints. In turn account for consecutive days without complaining to a minimum of 21 days for graduation. The main objective is to serve as Quejometro measuring instrument daily complaints, and in the absence thereof, the days will be added automatically without complaint until age 21 consecutive days, according to the program Cer0 Complaints Workshop. The application help the user to become aware of how they express daily and motivate you to change those expressions, interacting with it visually through an intuitive interface and for all ages. From the user's perspective, the main focus will be graduating from the program Zer0 Complaints and COMPLAINTS TO BE FREE. Which it is to achieve achieve 21 days without complaints. If a person files a complaint, the day counter returns to zero. When the user reaches 21 days without complaining, the application automatically send an email notifying the participant to comply with the program 0 Complaints, or failing that the participant may send an email to 0., The application accumulates all complaints from the participant starts the program, this in order to become aware and to realize the importance of reversing the unconscious and conscious of complaining, to a conscious state and unconscious not to complain, and achieve finally become a free person Complaint. With the Quejometro the participant can see their progress and identify that segment or level of complaints is currently, there are 4 levels: Level A is 0 complaints (Complaint Free) Level B from 1 to 30 complaints, Level C between 31 and 60 complaints, Complaints level D from 61 onwards. They will be visible on the main screen, and the APP is calculated automatically. In turn, the APP has a main menu containing the following options;1. My progress2. My complaints3. Suggestions4. And the history of complaints, through this, the participant may display the type of complaints;1. If these gossiping, 2. If you are lamenting, 3. If you are criticizing, You can also view the description and type of complaints. To be optimal use of the APP, it is recommended that the workshop "0 complaints". for more information on these workshops, please contact us through the following email: 0.
Operating System Android