Migraine Headache Relief Music

Do you struggle with frequent headaches? Do they make it hard for you to concentrate and go through everyday life? No need for invasive medicine, Migraine Relief is the app you need to solve these hindering health problems. Migraine Relief uses the latest technologies and discoveries to help you heal your severe headaches. These are binaural beats, special frequencies that mimic your brainwaves, creating a specific effect on your mind. Have you ever heard about them before? Apparently, isochronic tones ranging from 7Hz to 104Hz help you fight headaches and are the perfect natural remedies for migraines. Want to try them out? Well, if you suffer from any kind of headache, just wear a pair of headphones and play the special wavelengths played in the songs contained in the app. Anyone that frequently experiences visual migraine, ocular migraine or cluster headache is said to respond positively. The 10 Songs are the following. The first is completely free for you to enjoy, while the remaining half can be unlocked in the Premium version of Migraine Relief. Track Titles: 1. Migraine with Aura2. Migraine without Headache3. Migraine Brainstem Aura4. Hemiplegic Migraine5. Retinal migraine6. Chronic Migraine7. Cluster Headache8. Sinus Migraine9. Vestibular Migraine10. Headache MedicineMay this app be of help if you are trying to fight off headaches or migraines. We hope it can leave you relaxed, soothed and refreshed. If you enjoy it, leave a review on how to make this app even better for you. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.01
Operating System Android
System Requirements None