Anitore EX ~Let's training~

The talked-about TV animation "Anitore EX". becomes an app. You can train with cute girls using this app. This app is only available in Japanese language. Main functions. Girls cheer you and count your motions by cute voices. Let's achieve the goal with girls. You can enjoy app original voices and pictures ."Story Mode". Story ."One day, you are appointed as a new manager of five girls who want to become idols and you find a familiar face in the gir. then you will train with her. ''On the Story Mode, you will train daily and drive the story forward ."Training Mode"On the Training Mode, you will set a number of times of training and achieve the goal. You can choose a training from "training stomach mascules'', "training masclules of back'', "pushing up'' and "squatting''. Also, you can make the friendships strong with girls on this mode. Friendships with each girl will get stronger as you train ."Album Mode"You can see pictures and listen to voices you collected on this mode ."Personal Date Mode"On this mode, your body weight and percent of the body fat are displayed on the graph. You can set your ideal weight and achieve your goal. Your daily trainings are recorded on the calender so, if you skip trainings, the calender will show it at a glance. Cast. Asami Hoshi. (CV Mirai Ito) Eri Higuchi. (CV Azumi Wake) Shizuno Saotome (CV Miyu Komaki) Shion Tachibana (CV Nagawa Maria) Yu Hiraoka. (CV Kanane Takano). Supported OS: iOS7. 0 or higher. Some contents need additional in-app purchases.
Operating System Android