Daily Mind Trainer - a unique mind training session alongside your daily workout- changes brains structurally and functionally - impacts directly the cause of problems- releases thoughts and emotions from negative forces- develops skills to control yourself and your emotions- relieves anxiety and stress- prevents depression, addictions and violence. Multi-disciplinary content based on brain research, cognitive psychology and mindfulness. The content provider is Paula Salomaa LPhil, an interaction researcher and freelance educator who has published non-fiction books on, among other things, narcissism and emotional skills. Mind training began to have an important impact on her own life in the early 2000s. The application has four categories, each of which features- an animated video introduction and three training instructions- a training diary, a graph showing results follow-up and progress. 1. WORKPLACE WELLBEING: work capacity and cooperation skills - stress and workplace bullying - ability to concentrate and creativity - 10 instructions for persons suffering workplace bullying2. WISE PARENTING: keeping emotional reactions in check - guiding a child to listen to itself - healthy boundaries and a loving presence - 10 instructions for stressed-out persons3. LOVE IN AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP: cherishing a relationship - intense, intimate emotional connection with partner - free flow of sexual energy - 10 instructions for jealous persons4. TO A GROWING UP YOUNGSTER: keeping emotional swings in check - own wellbeing and that of nearest and dearest - erotic game - 10 instructions for capriciousnessThe categories are based on the same methods. Voice actress (Finnish/English) Saara (Sara Forsberg), who is creating international career in Hollywood as a musician/actress.
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