Free Version name is [Tinnitus Retraining Therapy] (AD version, use for tinnitus frequency find) Pay Version name is [Tinnitus Mono], [Tinnitus Stereo]Mono version for one tinnitus frequency sufferer. [ link ] https://play. id=oknow. tinnitusMonoStereo Version for two tinnitus frequency sufferer. [ link ] https://play. id=oknow. tinnitusVIP[ link ] http://www.oknow. kr/tinnitus/tinnitusUsage. pngTinnitus can occur only on the left. Or the right side can be heard. And both sides can hear each other sounds. Should be used properly according to your state. # GreetingAs you may know, tinnitus (ringing in ears) will vary depending on the condition of the day. Frequency of finding is difficult. Even in the hospital. (A lot of time and effort) Loudness varies on a daily basis. Please continue the test and find out. # Preparation. A quiet place and the environment as possible, in a quiet zone is recommended that you use the program. Please use headphones. (Headphones not wearing any inconvenience to the people around are. ) (Be a good idea to use bone conduction earphones. ) # Basically you need to know that Tinnitus may sound is the only one ear. (It generally causes tinnitus in only one ear. ) The first 5. 10 minutes of stimulation by focusing sound to hear. Volumes as small as possible, be heardAt least two weeks to hear two weeks restAt least twice per day, per 30 minutes. For safety, Auto shut down application after 30 minutes. For safety, Constant over the volume does not increase. # Tinnitus Retraining Therapy1. Tinnitus on the left to find the same frequency is set to 0, Right Volume2. Left frequency using the buttons to fit as much as possible will play a sound, such as tinnitus. (Approximately once per second. Adjust to 100Hz units. Then Adjust to 10Hz units. Then If possible, adjust the number of 1Hz. ) (Smaller or disappear with the sound frequency is the frequency your tinnitus. ) 3. Volumes as small as possible, be heard. And memo it. Media volume buttons and the volume of the program must be used properly. 4. Frequency of the tinnitus, such as the right to find the Left Volume and Right Volume is set to 0, then Left Volume increase. 5. Right frequency using the buttons to fit as much as possible will play a sound, such as tinnitus. 6. When you hear the sound, such as tinnitus and hear feel small, but within the range of sounds possible further reduces Right Volume. 7 Earlier memo (remember) that is set to Left Volume. Eight. Repeating the previous process so that the frequency of the tinnitus sound less height and more appropriately to adjust the size of the sound. Tip. 70-80% of people from 5500Hz to 5800Hz is said to have between the tinnitus. If you have a sense good - in 10 minutes. It should take about 30 minutes usually. # "White noise" can also help you with. High-quality (30 minitues) white noise can be downloaded from the following site. phpMy program also automatically terminate within 30 minutesWhen sleep or meditation, you would love to play together. FinallyWith this program on your tinnitus may tell to others suffering. But beware. To others, hate or provoke a headache or nausea, Animals may be threatened. It will not heal well with expensive medical treatment because of tinnitus is often hesitant. If you get a positive result, more and more aggressively treated tinnitus. I hope your pain is reduced.
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