The latest Fitbit update breaks SmarterBit - please do not update the Fitbit app if you would like to continue using SmarterBit until it is updated. SmarterBit is an Xposed framework module for enhancing the Fitbit Charge & Charge HR wearable fitness trackers. Current features include: SMS/Text notifications- Call notification filtering (notify only if the screen is off, hide caller ID) - SMS/Text notification filtering (notify only if the screen is off, custom notification format) - and more features planned for the future. How Do I Use SmarterBit? 1. Activate the SmarterBit Xposed module. 2. Turn on "Enable SmarterBit" in the Fitbit app. 3. Choose your settings in SmarterBit. 4. Enjoy. Please note the following: 1. SmarterBit is in no way endorsed/authorized/affiliated/associated with Fitbit. 2. Use of SmarterBit is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Although no negative consequences have been observed, neither Fitbit nor the developer of this app are liable for anything caused by this app. 3. A rooted device with Xposed Framework installed is required. 4. The Fitbit mobile app is required. 5. Your data is YOUR data - notifications sent to your Fitbit NEVER leave your device. SmarterBit does not store any information about you or your notifications either locally or remotely. Icon by Baska Batbold. Visit her website at
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