Miiskin - Melanoma Skin Cancer

SKIN AND MOLE TRACKERMiiskin is your personal skin tracking app - a simple tool to assist and help you track changes on your skin and moles. Almost like an intelligent magnifying glass. Miiskin's mission is to help you track and compare moles over time. Monitoring and detecting changes in moles can be crucial in finding Melanoma (cancer in moles) at an early stage (Malignant Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer). WITH MIISKIN YOU CAN: Take photos of your moles- Easily log the mole location on the body within the Miiskin app- Get a reminder when it's time to take a new photo- See informational videos about melanoma and skin cancerMiiskin is the most user friendly app on the market for tracking and monitoring changes in moles. Take control of your Melanoma concern and start monitoring your moles systematically. MIISKIN DOES NOT PROVIDE A DIAGNOSISThe app does not in any way diagnose your moles or evaluate the risk of Melanoma. The app is meant to assist you with tracking your moles over time. We do not think that with today's technology it is defensible to provide indications of Melanoma or skin cancer risk in a mole. Therefore, we opt not to attempt this for now. If you find a mole that looks concerning you should always consult a certified doctor and let him or her check your skin and moles for skin cancer or Malignant Melanoma. THE VISION OF MIISKINMiiskin's vision is to help its users to be on top of their concerns and easily monitor mole changes - in the most user-friendly way possible. We hope that you will find Miiskin useful. Help us fight Melanoma and Skin Cancer, and share this with your family and friends. Wish you the best, sincerelyRikke, Jon & the Miiskin team.
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