SpeechCompanion Speech Therapy

SpeechCompanion helps to improve mouth and tongue motor skills with speech therapy exercises. The SpeechCompanion in short: Videos with speech therapy exercises (mouth motor therapy, tongue motor therapy). Compile training lists of the exercise videos. Play training lists with exercise videos. Mirror function with front camera to check yourself while exercisingApplication areas include the rehabilitation after a stroke or problems of speech motor by congenital or appropriated imbalances of the muscles in the mouth area. Causes can neurological diseases, such as parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or head injury. The SpeechCompanion supports your speech therapy with logopedics exercises to improve your voice and phonation. The SpeechCompanion contains short videos where a speech therapist demonstrates mouth or tongue motor exercises. You can create individual training lists with these videos. To practice, is the SpeechCompanion plays the videos and shows your own image using the front camera shows of your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to compare how close you are to the speech therapist on the videos. Knowledge base with frequently asked questions (FAQ) : http://medando. uservoice.com/knowledgebaseContact us, if you have any problems: http://medando. uservoice.comPlease send us all your feedback and feature requests: http://medando. uservoice.com/forums/196342-speechcompanionTo get all news about apps by Medando, follow us on. Twitter: http://twitter.com/MedandoEN. Facebook: http://facebook.com/Medando or. Google+: https://plus. google.com/+MedandoDE.
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