How to find the baby name for your child to come? Getting fresh ideas, involving both parents, iterating in a creative and constructive way to come up with the ideal name. The App "Pick a Baby Name" will help you in that important quest. VOTEEach of the parent votes for the baby names that the App proposes, selecting the possible ones, and rejecting the others. A Search feature and Access to details on the name allow refining this vote. RANKEach of the parents refines by ranking the acceptable names one versus the other: 1 star for the "ok" ones, to 5 stars for the preferred ones. COMPAREParents can then compare votes, identifying consensus as well as polemics. They can challenge each other, refine their votes, until the ideal baby name stands out. PARAMETERSThanks to a common ID between parents, they can vote and rank from different phones, to avoid being too influenced at the beginning.
Operating System Android