Mammoth Hunters Fitness & Diet

HIIT workouts: 7-20 minutes a day; Customized to your body and goals. Anytime, anywhere. No gym, no equipment. Complete bodyweight exercises. Exercise with your TRIBE and stay motivated. Yummy recipes and diet plans 100% customized to you. Scientifically created by trainers and nutritionists based on paleotraining and paleo diet. Try it for FREE and see results in 3 weeks. # What is Mammoth HuntersRegular exercise and a proper nutrition are key factors for a healthy and happy life. But we live in a busy and sedentary society without many opportunities to eat well or maintain our fitness. A lot of times, our physical activity is limited to swiping our fingers over the smartphone screen and eating fast food with too many calories and not enough nutrients for your health. Mammoth Hunters was created by a team of scientists and nutrition experts on paleo diet to compile the knowledge acquired after helping hundreds of athletes and patients to reach their goals of health, gaining strength or weight loss. Our training program integrates bodyweight functional exercises (such as burpees, plank, push ups, squats etc. ) in high intensity interval sessions (such as tabata). The result is an APP that acts like a real physical trainer and nutritionist: It creates a training program that fits in your busy life, with short HIIT workouts with bodyweight exercises. It designs a 100% tailored meal plans integrated with your workouts. Our recipes are 100% Paleo. Thousands of users have tried our program and the results are amazing. In just three weeks you will see incredible changes in your body. Our first 12 sessions are completely FREE including basic nutritional advice based on paleo diet. Test it and see how it can change your life. Follow our blog at http://blog. and learn about the basis of our program. # Features: ## Nutrition: Personalized paleo meals plans based on your physiological parameters, activity level and goals to optimize your health. Meal plans are synchronized with your workouts to cover your energy requirements on both rest and active days. Recipes designed specifically to provide the protein, carbohydrates and fat you need to reach your objective. Get a weekly shopping lists so you can plan in advance. ## Training: A training program with true science behind. High quality videos of each functional exercise to teach you the right way to do them: learn how to do burpees properly. Custom HIIT workouts adapted to your fitness and goals: do you know tabata? We have many more training sessions to boost your fitness level. Absolutely no equipment required. Just 7-20 minutes a day- Train at home in the park, in the office: all exercises are bodyweight. Group workouts (TRIBES) to help each other stay motivated. Infinite combination of workouts and exercises so you'll never get bored. We are partners of PaleoTraining, the most efficient training method ever. ### Some examples of our HIIT workouts: To the One: complete 10 laps of an inverted pyramid of functional exercises (e.g. burpees, squats, plank, push ups). Starting at 10 reps of each exercise and doing one rep less each lap. Tabata routine: complete 8 series of 20 seconds of activity with 10 seconds rest in between each series of a functional exercise (e.g. side to side squats), then do another tabata of an exercise from a different family (e.g. plank spider) and finally a third tabata of an exercise of a third family (e.g. hindu push ups. Rest 1 minute in between each tabata. Hard Stop: complete as fast as possible a high number of repetitions of an exercise (e.g. 100 burpees with frog jump. Every time you need to rest do 30 seconds of plank. Paleo Run: complete 2 laps of a given number of repetitions of 6 exercises from different families (e.g. surfer, plio jump, side burpees, lateral gunman squat, plank pivot, squat jump). Run 1 minute after each exercise. Discover many more HIIT workouts in our APP.
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