WeightLess will help you to take control of your behaviours around food and stop the harmful impact of yo yo dieting. With this app you will learn how it is possible to lose weight naturally by understanding that it is less about what you eat and more about the HOW and WHY you eat.Its really very simple! There are only 3 reasons why we are driven to eat:(1) Genuine hunger(2) Dehydration(3) To change how we feel!Once you understand this you are in a much better position to overcome any issues you have around food. WeightLess will teach you a simple diagnostic to follow each time you feel the desire to eat and once you understand this you can easily follow this logic without the need to calorie count or follow complex regimes that are so onerous that they simply cannot be maintained in the long term.This premium app contains a number of useful, and easy to use tools which will help you to lose weight naturally, identify unhealthy thought processes that can trigger emotional overeating, beat cravings, track your progress and provide important hints and tips whilst also keeping you motivated along the way with the Wellness Coach feature.Regaining control over your eating habits is more about knowing yourself better and analysing thought patterns and behaviours that drive you to want to eat when youre just not hungry! Practice logging your thoughts in the journal each time you recognise you are having a craving and you will soon start to see patterns emerging. Once a craving is identified you will be prompted to the craving buster tool which will help you overcome it using a twist on a tapping technique that has been specially adapted for use on your mobile device.As a serial dieter I found myself constantly thinking about food apart from when I was actually eating it. I would end up finishing whatever meal or snack was placed in front of me in break-neck speed. This lead to overindulging as I never allowed my body time to realise when I had eaten enough. The Mindful Eating tool will help by slowing down the pace at which you eat your food which will allow you to recognise when its time to stop.Another feature of this app is the Weight Tracker and Body Fat Percentage Monitor. WeightLess allows you to pick your Weigh-In day and stick to it, reminders are then scheduled automatically. One thing I learned you should not do is track your body weight from day to day as swings in hydration can lead you to incorrectly believe you have gained weight through fat. This could then become one of those factors that knocks your motivation leading to feelings of hopelessness and despair. When our willpower is reduced we may be tempted to reach for a chocolate bar or order a pizza to make us feel better. This is what comfort eating is, its number 3 on the above list. We comfort eat when we want to change the way we feel. You can start to see how this unhealthy thought process just becomes a viscous loop of negativity and weight gain.The beauty of WeightLess is in its simplicity and what many people dont realise is that losing weight doesn't have to be complicated. Many solutions on the market today include calorie counters with bar code scanners and daily trackers, and often these are rated very highly, WHY, because this is what we expect to find. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that dieting is complicated and so we expect complicated solutions to the problem.This app is new to the market and I plan to add some more features in future releases in an attempt to make it even easier for everyone to lose weight without having to count calories forever more, after all, do any of us really want to do this for ever? To help me bring future developments to you sooner please leave a positive rating as this helps other users to find WeightLess on the store. If you have a shared appetite for change then this is the app for you.
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