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Fitness Calculator that counts!Calculate your BMI (body mass index), calculate body fat percent and lean muscle mass using caliper or tape, estimate daily calorie needs (BMR) and a desired heart rate for a workout. Make a quantitative mark of your fitness shape. Analyze your body health and performance, get fit and be healthy.Fit Mark for Android is a Fitness Calculator that will assist you to keep track of your fitness. The Fit Mark Fitness Calculator includes four calculators. BMI The BMI calculator determines your Body Mass Index. The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator views a short description of the calculated BMI value. The BMI calculator includes separate calculation formulas and tables for children and adults. Daily Calorie Needs (BMR) Daily Calorie Needs (BMR) calculator determines your daily calorie needs to maintain weight. The Calculator is using Harris Benedict equation to calculate your BMR - Basal Metabolic Rate. The daily calorie needs calculator takes into account the activity level, so the BMR is then updated to actual calorie needs based on activity level. Body Fat Percent - Body Fat Percent calculator is a tool based on Jackson and Pollock three and Jackson and Pollock seven skinfold method and U.S. Navy Tape measuring methods to determine body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. These estimations of Body Fat Percent and Lean Muscle Mass require a Body Fat Caliper or a measurement Tape. Golden Hart Rate - Heart Rate calculator will assists you to find the desired heart rate range for your workout using Karvonen formula for your workout such as: weight loss, cardio fitness and interval training.Additional Fitness Calculator features: Supports Metric and Imperial units. If you started entering the values in metric units and then switch to imperial all fields will be automatically converted. Fit Mark Fitness Calculator Remembers the entered values. So you dont have to re-enter your age and height every time you open the app. Requires minimal permissions we value your privacy All calculators include short description to answer common questionsContent rating: Everyone
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