Do you want to experience less stress and more life? With help of the Stress Less Cards app, you can make easy, stress relieving exercises amidst your busy everyday life on the bus, or while queuing at the supermarket! The app is so easy to use that you can start your first exercise right away when you have installed it it requires no registration or any kind of setting up. Stress Less Cards contains 50 different stress-relieving exercises. 28 of them can be listened with sound bowls playing after spoken guidance. The exercises make use of Mindfulness, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and other efficient stress reducing methods in a pleasant way but you dont have to know anything about these techniques in advance, the exercises are really simple. The diverse exercises of the Stress Less Cards app are already used by many doctors in occupational health care, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and trainers. The cards really work! Features 50 easy stress relieving exercises as cards, 5 of them are at your use for free. The exercises are divided into six categories: noticing your body, breathing, watching and observing, awakening positive emotions, visualization, and conscious action. 28 exercises with spoken guidance that include an option for sound bowl music that enhances relaxation. The guided exercises last about 10 minutes, and you can easily do them amidst your busy life. However, you can also take a shorter version of them, if you wish. To surprise yourself with a random exercise, just press a button, or you can easily select the exercise you want from the exercise list. You can mark your favorite exercises and randomly select an exercise from your favorites. You can create reminders about the exercises for yourself the app remembers the time of the exercise for you. Easy to use the first exercise is just one click away!Feedback on the effects of the Stress Less Cards exercises:"A few panicky mornings were such that precisely on that morning I had to use public transport on my way to work. This meant I could listen to the exercise on the train, which gave me a totally different start for the day. My train of thought concretely calmed down and my panic subsided.""For a long time I've had trouble in finding ways to make this kind of activity a part of my everyday life. Its been particularly hard when Im really busy, when the need for such exercises is the biggest! The exercises have been really pleasant and very needed for me!""The breathing exercises and visualizations are easy to do anywhere, for instance when queuing at the cashier.""I recommend these exercises to everyone who feels pressure at work, has worries in their everyday life, wants to change their way of life, goes through a crisis, or is in the midst of a big change.""I can recommend these exercises to all those who have a problem in their life that they cant solve right now. Warmly recommended also for work communities having problems with workplace atmosphere.""The exercises are really easy to do. They give you really concrete tools for your everyday life and for celebratory times as well. For me, the challenge is how to stop and calm down, and how to quiet the negative internal monologue. I gained tools for both""The cards can be used both for taking a pause at work and in your spare time, to recuperate from your work and other strain. I use the cards regularly, and a few of them have clearly become my favorites. Nevertheless, its always interesting to pick a random card and see what exercise turns up, because most often this random exercise hits the bulls eye and meets the right need. The Stress Less Cards contribute to your body awareness, which is an absolute prerequisite for the ability to control your own stress." work supervisor, trainer, psychophysical physiotherapist and work physiotherapistRecent changes:- Improved sharingContent rating: Everyone
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