Jump Shooting Practice & Form

Increase your shooting percentage and learn perfect shooting form & technique!This program will help you learn perfect jump shot form so you can shoot like the best pro players!The app breaks down each individual shooting fundamental and gives you drills that simulate game situations for practice. If you execute the suggested number of workouts and repetitions each week - you will become a sharpshooter within a few months of practice. It is very important however that you follow the program and ONLY practice with correct form that is demonstrated in the app. This form includes:- Feet positioning- Hand position- Neck, Shoulders, Head Positioning- Follow through- and more!Also included in each workout are different shots that are executed off the dribble. These types of moves and freeze pull ups help you fool the defense in order to get an open shot. Some of these moves include:- Between- Stutter Feet- Behind- In & Out Freeze Pull Up- Fake Crossover- 180 Turn Drill- Step Back- Floater- and more!Programs included are:Basketball ShootingBasketball Shooting off the DribbleBasketball Better Basketball Jump ShotBasketball Advanced ShootingBasketball Elite Pro ScoringApp Features:- Instructional coaching using video and voiceover- Animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions- Functionality to track workouts and exercises completed- Multi-Level Beginner to Advanced Workouts- Warm Ups, Cool Downs- Tips, Secrets, Overview of the Workout- Fitness, sports and recreational events in your city!Fitivitys trainers are some of the top athletic professionals in the world. Our staff includes sports and fitness trainers who work with professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who have never exercised before. We understand training and are here to help you improve. We receive emails everyday from our users who thank us for helping them successfully achieve their goals. With this program you can accomplish your goals too! Workout smart with Fitivity.****************************************************************************************************************************Fitivity introduces Fitivity EventsDiscover fitness, sports or recreational events in selected U.S cities. Discover local pick-up games, road races, open gyms, group workouts, fitness classes, clinics, camps, leagues and more in your area!****************************************************************************************************************************
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