Scrub Wars: Surgery Rotation Pimping Edition LITE (M3/M4 clerkships)

Dont be intimated by attendings who want to humiliate you through excessive public pimping. Defend yourself with the knowledge you need to withstand this onslaught by playing the worlds first pimping-prep video game. Play Level 1 for free and preview levels 2-20 (over 200 questions can be played for free!). All 1,000 questions can be bought for only $9.99. Thats just a penny a question! Reinforce carefully-selected & commonly-tested pimping questions from those who have been pimped and have pimped (physicians, residents, medical students) on these high yield topics:1. High Yield Review (100% Free)2. Common Surgical Procedures (20% free)3. Common Surgical Syndromes (20% free)4. Common Surgical Emergencies (20% free)5. Surgical Pharmacology (20% free)6. Surgical Anatomy (20% free)7. Pre-OP Care (20% free)8. Post-OP Care (20% free)9. SICU/Burns (20% free)10. General Surgery 1 (20% free)11. General Surgery 2 (20% free)12. Hepatobiliary (20% free)13. Colorectal (20% free)14. Vascular (20% free)15. Endocrine (20% free)16. Breast & Plastics (20% free)17. Pediatric (20% free)18. Trauma (20% free)19. Cardiothoracic (20% free)20. High Yield Review 2 (20% free) Promotes learning in unconventional study locations (microlearning) like while waiting in line, between classes, while waiting for rounds to start, or even on the toilet! After passing a level (70% required to pass), you get complimented by the Benevolent Attending and read a review of the high-yield facts you just reviewed with the Teaching Attending. Fail a level and be insulted by the Peyronie Attending. Test questions strategically placed throughout the app to promote retention (spaced learning) Challenge your classmates by sending facebook posts and tweets from within the app!Several funny professional promo videos and medical parodies already have a cult following on YoutubeEmail the game creators straight from the app with any problems, bugs, or suggestion requests for future appsGAME STORYDue to the declining work habits and perceived inferior intellect of modern medical students as noted by medical administrators, the deans of every medical school worked collectively to hire the Peyronie Attending and jointly funded the richest physician contract in the history of medicine. The Peyronie Attending will travel from Seattle to Miami by spending a few weeks at every medical school in order to pimp the hell out of them, figure out their deficiencies in their medical knowledge, humiliate them, and use this data to create future editions of Scrub Wars. Prior to arriving at your school, your classmates joined together to form the Federation of Unified and Qualified Undergraduates (the F.U.Q. U.) to counter the Peyronie Attendings aggressive pimping style and cruel teaching methods. Your class president, in a defiant tone, vehemently denounced the Peyronie Attending publicly and stated that we will study every fact, learn every procedure, and read every research article to combat the Peyronie Attending. They also enlisted the help of the Benevolent Attending, an international global icon, to teach your class everything he knows. The Benevolent Doctor said he was honored and humbled by this request and will do anything in his power to promote the development of fantastic doctors. When learning about the upwelling of resistance at his next destination, the Peyronie Attending pledged to crucify your classmates and only predicted terror upon his arrival. The stage is set. Under the guidance of your professional mentor, you must now withstand the onslaught of an aggressive pimping and testing campaign led by your megalomaniac chief rival. He longs to watch you suffer, crush your dreams, and make sure you never become a licensed physician. The time to establish dominance on the wards and classrooms has begun. Scrub Wars must now take place!
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 40.51 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.