This complete mobile stress management system is certified by The American Institute of Stress and reduces job stress, financial stress, family stress, emotional stress, and mental stress. The app predicts your stress, teaches you how to meditate, stops stress with one-touch instant relief, and helps resolve the deeper emotional traumas that intensify everyday stress. Through brainwave entrainment, the app teaches you how to quickly shut down the bodys fight-or-flight reaction by activating the relaxation response. The app can also connect you with a live coach as needed.KEY FEATURES: One-Touch Instant Relief - The Stopper Tab helps you manage random reactions by offering fast relief at your finger tips. Reminders 3-Minutes Before Your Stress Starts - The Stopper Tab also helps you predict & circumvent routine reactions before the stress is triggered. Meditation Practice Management - The MyMeds Tab helps you structure and maintain your daily meditation practice. Revolutionary Tool to Resolve Traumatic Memories - The Resolve Tab helps you surface and soothe those past memories that intensify present day stress reactions. Teaches Stress Stopper Breathwork By following the audio / video animation, this 3-step process helps you learn how to take control by activating the relaxation response whenever you become stressed. Connect with a Coach Enables you to contact a coach if/when your stress becomes unmanageable.STANDARD FEATURES: Intuitive set-up and design Facebook Integration In App BrowserAPP BENEFITS: Naturally avoid stress related diseases Naturally calm stressful emotions Naturally quiet stressful thoughts Naturally stop a stress reaction Enjoy all the benefits of meditation Learn to fall asleep fastThe key to living stress free is using this app daily. Every time you become stressed, press the app icon and breathe. Every time a Stress Stopper reminder shows up on your phone, breathe along with the animation. When its time to meditate, give yourself the 20-minutes of relaxation that will improve your life. And finally, get to the root of the issue. Use the Resolve Tab to heal any stressful memories from your past that may be affecting the quality of your present day life. Using all these tools together will prolong your life and help prevent future stress-related health issues such as cancer, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, migraines, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, ulcers, etc."As a Doctor, prior service member, and Director for a Civilian Navy SEAL Training Program, I understand stress. Stress Is Gone LLC uses unique and innovative ways to help those seeking to manage stress. I have found their approach to be helpful with my patients overall sense of wellness and use the Stress Is Gone Program daily in my practice."- Dr. Stephen M. ErleMeditators showed hospitalization rates 87% less than non-meditators for heart disease, 55% less for tumors, 50% less for out-patient doctor visits, and 30% less for infectious diseases. - Orme-Johnson, Psychosomatic Medicine 49
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System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.