Discover your Health IQ, the most comprehensive measurement of your health knowledge. Uncover your strengths in over 300 topics and 10,000 questions, compare yourself to experts and learn tips from the health conscious community. Featured in New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Wired.Developed for over 2 years, Health IQ was created in collaboration with doctors, dietitians, trainers, yoga instructors, and other leading health experts. Every question is calibrated using over 250,000 health conscious people. 10,000 of the most predictive health questions are selected across nutrition, medical and exercise topics, resulting in the most comprehensive measure of health knowledge. People with a high Health IQ are less likely to go to the hospital, more likely to maintain a healthy weight and reach their health goals.NEW: Personalize your learning based on your 2015 New Years Resolutions. Master the topics you need to know to ring in the New Year in a healthy way.USER REVIEWS: Like Candy Crush for health "I love learning so much new information and reviewing old facts to help me stay healthy. I like learning about this. I take pride in that my family eats whole wheat and blueberries for antioxidants. I hate going to WebMD because its usually when I am looking up something that is wrong. This is different though, this is positive. Intriguing, a lot of good information about health "Extremely educational and helpful! Love it!"POPULAR HEALTH TOPICS: Food Nutrients: Best Sources Blood Sugar: Ending Your Addiction to Sugar Cooking: Techniques to Preserve Nutrients Calorie Counting: Best Choices for Breakfast Skin Health: Daily Habits for Skin Health Food Nutrients: How Foods Impact Mood Metabolism: Effects of Exercise Food Nutrients: Best Way to Eat Greens Eating Hacks: At McDonalds, Taco Bell, etc Calorie Counting: How Many Do People Really Need? Eating Hacks: SnackingBODY PARTS AND SYSTEMS: Auditory Bone & Joint Brain Cancer Prevention Dental Digestive Eye Heart & Circulatory Hormonal Immune Liver Metabolic Muscle Nerve Reproductive Respiratory Skin UrinaryOTHER TOPICS: Yoga: Health Benefits Strength Training: Forms and Techniques Exercise: Core Workouts Strength Training: Leg Day Heart Disease: Reducing Risks Brain Health: Mental Alertness Pregnancy: Fetal Development Exercise: Home Exercises for Building Strength Yoga: Fundamentals Thyroid: Hypothyroid Vitamins: D Paleo: Foods CrossFit: Fundamentals of Crossfit 200+ more
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