Attack Cancer using Hypnosis for iPad

Attack Cancer using Hypnosis & Guided Imagery / MeditationCreated by M. Ron Eslinger,RN, CRNA, APN, MA, BCH, CMI, FNGHCaptain USN, RetiredI am a cancer survivor! Im sharing with you how I survived cancer even though I was given a diagnosis of a grade 3 throat cancer with a very bleak & painful prognosis.I was diagnosed with throat cancer in February 2011. It was the same month that I closed on my brand-new hypnosis office building. Stress adding to stress & life hanging in the balance. This is a summary of my story & how I used hypnosis to survive. I was given a very negative picture of what my life would be like after completing the surgery, chemotherapy & radiation therapy. I am a certified master instructor of hypnosis for the national Guild of hypnotist. I was told I would no longer be able to do teaching and may not be able to see clients. There were a number of foods that would not be able to eat and that I would have such severe dry mouth that I would lose all my teeth and probably should go ahead and have them extracted. The surgeon, the oncologist & three radiation therapist laid out a plan of treatment.Now that I knew the plan of treatment and I knew the possible outcomes I can create my own hypnotic treatment plan. I have been a nurse anesthetist and a professional hypnotists for over 35 years. I worked with many cancer patients who truly became cancer survivors, some miraculously so. Therefore, I laid out a plan which included boosting my immune system which would be depleted by the chemotherapy and the radiation. There is much research on the benefits of hypnosis in boosting the immune system & decreasing cortisol one of the stress producing hormones. I also added the breathing technique to my treatments which I practiced hourly to release three hormones from the brain. They are endorphins (the bodys narcotic painkiller), serotonin (the bodys mood elevator and painkiller) and melatonin (the bodies sleep aid and painkiller).This self-hypnosis program is what I created for me so that I could become the cancer survivor that I am. It was amazing how different I felt from is the very first time I listen to my CDs. Attack Cancer Supercharging Your Immune System was so effective that my white shell blood count never fail and I did not need blood transfusions.The healing visualizations and separate tracks of healing affirmations that I developed for this program, for my healing, for my comfort and for my survival were instrumental in my mind, body and spiritual healing. I am cancer free. All the things that I did before my cancer, I am able to do now. My body, my mind and my spirit refused to listen to the doctors who described to me a bleak, painful and a dismal existence even if I survived the throat cancer. I was told the treatment was worse than the disease.When I would go in for my chemotherapy a doctor would tell me how great I was doing and how I was the only one that had not had to be hospitalized and given IVs and other nutritional supplements because of loss of weight and inability to swallow. I did lose weight. I did have difficulty swallowing. I did ask for a gastrostomy tube just so I didn't have to work so hard to feed myself. Even with that, I was still told that I was doing so much better than anybody else. I explained that even though I was a nurse I was also a hypnotist and that made my own self-hypnosis CDs & practiced self-hypnosis throughout the day and during my treatments.This will work for you as it worked for me. If youre willing to listen to this app & practice the affirmations in the way I instruct you to do so. I knew that if a lady that was brought to me who was given three weeks to live could survive another three years, I too could survive by using hypnosis. I had an advantage I had over 35 years experience and I took that experienced and became a cancer survivor. I made this App so that you can have the same opportunity to be a cancer survivor as I chose to be.
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