qTrainer - Quick Sports Trainer

The qTRainer App is a reduced version of our AeroTrainerPlus App. It bundles several training drills in one App. The drills were designed to improve and maintain the level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness by allowing the user to train in one drill in two or more of the primary training zones. In this version, only the quick setup mode is available. However, using the In-App Upgrades option it can be upgraded to have all of the AeroTrainerPlus App Features. Fartlek DrillFartlek, which means "speed play" in Swedish, is a form of interval training that uses the body's energy systems at different intensities and time periods, varying and alternating frequently. This puts the bodys energy systems under acyclic stress, better mimicking sports specific energy demands. With the FartlekDrill App you can train in several modes making each Fartlek drill different. The Fartlek Drill can select the intensities (paces) and time periods in a random manner based on the user selected sport and fitness or difficulty level. Visit our FarlekDrill App for a description of the Fartlek Drill features.Pulse DrillThe Pulse Drill is an interval training drill, designed to train in one drill in two of the primary training zones. In this drill, the interval periods for each zone are kept constant throughout the drill. There is also a random mode that varies within a small range the time periods. This is ideal for team sports where typically the intensities vary at random.Pyramid DrillThe Pyramid Drill is an interval training drill, kind of an inverted pyramid, where for the fast pace interval the time increases at each new stage up to a maximum value and then decreases down to the starting point. In this drill, the interval periods for the slow pace are either kept constant or varied equal to the fast pace interval.Tempo RunThe Tempo Run Drill is designed to train in zone 2 of the primary training zones. The drill starts with a jog at a marathon, which is then followed by a recovery easy jog, continued by a second hard jog. It can also be used for training over distance (long runs) at an easy pace (training zone 1). Repetition SprintsThe Repetition Sprints Drill is designed to develop absolute speed. It is a drill where several reps of sprints between 5 to 100 m sprints are made with maximum recovery in between sprints.The App includes a "Quick Setup" to facilitate selection of drill parameters based on the user's fitness or difficulty level.Using the In-App Upgrades you can upgrade the App to include the Sports Zoning Module. This module allows you to configure a time distribution scheme, save it as a sport and use it in any Fartlek Drill as you use the default sports. Also, with the In-App you can add the features of our popular AeroRadar App to help you plan and set your training objectives.Features Several standard drill versions. Quick drill setup. Five standard time levels to distribute drill times: Beginner to Pro. Help available for user input parameters. Running distance when GPS is available. Sync to iCloud (IOS 6.0+) the databases and share with other devices and our sports Apps. Supports portrait and landscape screen orientation on the "Run Screen". Lock the screen orientation before running. Listen & control music or audio books while running. Quick access and control of the iPods music, select songs, playlists, audiobooks, etc. Detailed drill information with table of contents. Male or female voice guidance. Several types of announcements. Export the user data by e-mail, in sqlite3, XML and CSV formats. Select metric or US units. Utilities to facilitate registering each user to our Member Center and reporting problems.For more information about training concepts and other useful information, visit the pages in our "Support" section of our Website
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
File Size 7.71 MB
Version 1.0.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.