Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas

If the app is not compatible with your device you can still enjoy our PC and Mac version through Please READ the FAQ before request a feature. Comments, suggestions and help:*** Languages: ENGLISH & SPANISH *** This APP REQUIRES CONTINUOUS DATA CONNECTION and EXTERNAL SD CARD The best way to request an improvement (translations, content, models of specific organs. ) is by email, to know exactly what you need, and we will try to make it. In our experience, comments on GooglePlay are not a good way for it due to the limitations of our answers (150 chars) and the difficulties into contact with you again. Q: Why is ONLINE? Why cannot be offline? R: Think of the app as in Youtube. Each time you load a scene, this must be downloaded, then cached to accelerate the following times, but you'll still need internet connection (exactly as you see a video on youtube). and no, there is no way to make this APP (or youtube) offline. The app can download and cache up to 1Gb. P: In what languages is it translated? R: SPANISH (original language) and ENGLISH (translated). French, Portuguese, Russian Italian. have already been requested, we are considering the translation from those languages where the users collaborate in its translation, since we do not speak these languages. More than 20. 000 medical terms, plus the book's videos and descriptions should be translated. Q: Why are there some books in "under construction"? A: The project is still GROWING. We have modeling some 3D anatomical parts, of which we have not created an adequate bibliography for learning. Q: What should I do if the app could not be installed, or it does not connect to the server? A: Follow these steps: 1. Make sure you fit requirements: Android 4. 1Gb RAM. 1GB of free space to install apps. - 2. Connect a WIFI or 4G high speed connection. G and 3G connections are often inadequate, slow and tedious. The loading of pages with a good connection takes about 5 - 10 seconds. (Think you're going to download 5 to 10 MB for each 3D model). - 3. Install the APP, open it and access the Library. - 4. If, after have followed these steps, you still can not access, send us your error through our mail. We would like to fix the bug, and we will notify you. Meanwhile, access and use the PC & MAC version.
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