LIVE FIT is all about living the life you were meant to live happy and healthy in all areas of your life. Think of it like the spokes on a wheel each spoke representing all aspects of life: home, relationships, social life, spirituality, creativity, nutrition, finances, education, health, physical activity and joy. If 1 spokes is bent, the other broken and another one missing you may find yourself spinning your wheel but getting nowhere.. fast! Did you know you have everything you need right inside of you .. the power to LIVE FIT in all ways .. every day? LIVEFIT helps you to bring out the best version of yourself. We can help you to straighten out the spokes, mend the broken ones and replace the ones that are missing. Before you know it, you will be tooling down your happy road of destiny.With this app, you can also sign up for a free initial health coach consultation to look at the spokes on your wheel. You will find out what you really want and need more and less of in your life and learn how we are here to support you on your journey.Over the course of 30 days, you will receive daily, helpful tips all sorts of fit-bits from aerobics to yoga, golf fitness and senior fitness, strength and flexibility. You will find easy and yummy recipes while you learn about superfoods and essential oils. You will read things that will make your heart sing and put a smile on your face. You will find that certain special tip that will inspire you to find an edge or to soften one. Its all here in this app.. and its yours for FREE! Did you know that you can start your day over today right now???? Lets team up and put together a couple of amazing 24 hours that lead into a few fantastic weeks and that turn into few incredible month. Before you know you will find youre creating a lifetime of awesome, optimal health and wellness to LIVEFIT because youve got what it takes! Balance and Blessings, Roseann
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