DBT Emotion Regulation Tools

Emotion Regulation Skills are meant to: Stop Unwanted Emotions from happening in the first place- Stop or Reduce Unwanted Emotions once they startWith Eight (8) Brand-New DBT Tools, Emotion Regulation will come easy. Here's what each tool does for you: Understand My Emotion: All Emotions are meant to either Motivate Us, Communicate To Others, or Communicate to Ourselves. All Emotions happen for a reason. Find out what purpose your emotion serves. Emotional Myth Checklist: Are you caught up in Myths about the way emotions are supposed to be handled? Reduce your myths by recognizing them and removing them over time. Short Term Happiness Tool: Review over a hundred different activities meant to give you short term happiness. Each day, we must remember to do pleasant activities that bring us positive emotions. Create a personal list and review them whenever you want. Long Term Happiness Tool: Create Goals to give you a sense of success and accomplishment in life. Observe & Describe Emotions: Ask yourself and answer all the questions you need to know about an emotion. Do you know the difference between your interpretations and the actual facts? Recognize emotions as just emotions, and not getting swept away in them. Opposite Action Calculator: Figure out if Opposite Action is appropriate for your situation, and if it is, exactly how do to it. Values & Priorities: A game you can play in a few minutes that helps you figure out what priorities and values you have on a personal level. What are your top 5 that you would never want to live without? - Manage Extreme Emotions: Useful if you are ALREADY emotionally flooded and your brain isn't processing your thoughts very well. Tips to use on the spot, and a number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. iPhone users can make a call from within the app. Even if you aren't thinking about suicide, there are people there 24/7 able to help you talk through and process painful emotions and thoughts, no matter the topic. All tools have a built in Save Function. So every time you use a DBT tool, your records will be updated and you will be able to look back at the tool's conclusions. Oh, and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy isn't just for people with Borderline Personality Disorder BPD anymore. It's for anyone who wants to improve their self-esteem, relationships, emotions, and lives. Self help, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, goals. It all matters. Check out our other DBT Apps in the Apple App Store too. A Free DBT Diary Card App, and a DBT Interpersonal Relationship Tools App.
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