Attractor Sleep Edition

FALL ASLEEP QUICKLY AND STAY ASLEEP! Attractor Sleep Edition is an advanced Dynamic Binaural Wave Generator that combines the technology of expensive Light and Sound Mind Machines to help you fall asleep in record time. METHOD & PURPOSE The brain consists of many billions of cells, these cells are called neurons and they use electricity to communicate with each other creating a brainwave which can be measured with Electroencephalography machines. We as humans have different brainwave patterns throughout our 24 hour daily cycle depending on what our state of mind is. For example the brainwave pattern of a person sleeping is very different than the brainwave pattern of someone driving a car. Attractor uses proprietary binaural sound technology with specific use of a custom frequency generator to safely and confortably entrain your mind to sleep. Attractor is a very intuitive and advanced tool that is highly customizable, it can very easily help you conquer insomnia or just have difficulty sleeping. FEATURES - Fully adjustable and dynamic Start and Target Binaural Wave Generator from 15Hz to 34Hz to entrain your mind - Real time monitoring of frequency changes - Support for iPhone 5 high resolution Retina Display - Support for Multitasking, listen to Attractor in the background while using other apps - New file server to wirelessly upload your location and inception tracks - New advanced start and target scrollers to easily adjust your frequency settings - New session time adjustment scroller. Finally sleep well! iOS 7 tested.
File Size23.16 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.