Would you like to know what your lab results mean? Explaining lab tests in conjunction with symptoms is one of the most central diagnostic instruments used by doctors to identify if a patient in distress from any health condition.SmrtX 2nd Opinion is an interactive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with determining diagnosis of patient data. The tool is a knowledge-based CDS system that uses lab test results that you are inserting from flow-sheet reports plus symptoms related to a diagnosed health condition. If you got recently laboratory tests performed, you can have been given a copy of the flow-sheet report by the lab or your doctor. Once you get your report, however, it may not be easy for you to read or understand, leaving you with more questions than answers. You can use the 2nd Opinion tool to help you understand your test much better. 2nd Opinion clinical decision support system proven to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety. The system provides residents and attending physicians a tremendous resource to quickly and correctly diagnose unusual health conditions. The big advantage of 2nd Opinion is that you have a wealth of information at your fingertips when you need it. You would not have had to pour through medical books to come up with the same information that you came up with using 2nd Opinion in about 5 minutes.Content rating: Everyone
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