In between those strenuous exercises and the rigorous pursuit of maintaining your calorie goals have you ever felt the urge to satisfy your cravings? Have you ever felt the guilt that consumes when you satisfy your cravings not knowing whether it negates all the hard work you have just put in burning those extra calories? You are not alone. Like you all of us love to eat. We crave for that chocolate, a glass of wine, the cream pie or that bowl of popcorn. "Cravings" is your companion. With "Cravings" you can now determine whether you can satisfy your urge while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is based on the premise that everything is a budget and like your financial calculator you need a tool to understand what it means for your physical health if you make that decision to satisfy your cravings. Can I eat a cheesecake for dessert during lunch? Will I still be able to meet my daily calorie goal? What are my choices for dinner if I drink a glass of wine in the evening? "Cravings" will tell you exactly where you stand when you need to make that decision. It will put your mind at ease. "Cravings" helps you to stay within your daily health budget. So, relax and enjoy your cravings while meeting your calorie goals and maintaining a healthy life style.This app is simple to personalize and use. Enter your top 10 cravings and your daily calorie goal as a one time set up. The cravings magically appear on the picker view and you can scroll through them to find out whether you can satisfy your cravings or not. Steps to personalize the app: 1. When you download first step will be to click on the "+" button on the top right to go to the "Enter Cravings" page. 2. Enter your daily calorie goal and proceed to enter your top 10 cravings. 3. As you type your cravings you will be prompted with intelligent suggestions to complete your sentences. 4. You can click on "i" buttons to conduct a web search where you can select the type of cake or wine or any other cravings and the appropriate serving sizes that you normally consume. 5. After you fill in your list of cravings and return to your main page you will notice the cravings that you entered appear in the picker list at the bottom. 6. Scroll through the list to select cravings that you want to satisfy and add them to your breakfast, lunch or dinner calories by selecting "Yes" to whether you want to satisfy your cravings and then picking the appropriate option among lunch, dinner and breakfast.
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Version 2.0
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