The True Italian Diet App has been developed by a team of nutrition experts supervised by the Italian Society of Food Science and it is based on authentic ingredients of the real Mediterranean diet, the healthiest eating plan in the world. Send us the details of your age, weight, height, lifestyle habits and food preferences and we'll develop a personalized diet that will enable you to lose about two pounds per week. And you'll do it eating a balanced diet of delicious Mediterranean food, with recipes derived from the best of the Italian culinary tradition and a handy weekly grocery list drawn up for you. Available also for vegetarians and for people who eat out at lunch. The True Italian Diet App will calculate your Body Mass Index and advise on your real daily calorie needs. And we can adjust the diet for you on the basis of your weekly weight-loss reports. The App provides written recipes and useful video cookery lessons, interspersed with scientific tips from the experts. The first week of the diet is free. After that you can choose to purchase a monthly or quarterly plan. Install The True Italian Diet on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Here's how: ? Open the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. ? Tap the Search icon and search for Italian Diet. ? Tap the Free icon next to The true Italian Diet. ? Tap Install App and follow the instructions.
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