1. The Bicycle Power Meter is dedicated to providing the most accurate power, energy, elevation, speed and % grade measurements possible with no external sensors required or calibration. 2. The best available smartphone resources (including GPS and internet services, accelerometers, etc.) are used to achieve the highest accuracy. 3. In addition to the rider's output power, the % braking is also provided to give insight into how hard you brake into a turn. Traditional bicycle power meters are unable to provide this info.4. Routes are plotted in the app, in real time. 5. The route path is color coded based on the users preference. The color is continuously scaled and can be quickly changed to: power, speed, elevation, or % grade, all with one click!6. A screenshot of the statistical data with the color coded map along with the raw data files (.csv and/or .gpx formats) can be emailed quickly.7. The accuracy of the power meter has been tested against state of the art, major brand named power meters.8. Without calibration (only entering rider's weight), average power for a given ride typically correlates to within about 10% (with no drafting). 9. Wind speed is included! (with internet connection, drafting effects not included)10. Several default bicycle types are availabe to choose from, or bicycle weights and coefficients can be customized. Or, just ride!Recent changes:Version 1.3: Added .gpx output option in addition to .csv.Content rating: Low Maturity
File Size93.24 kB
Operating System Android Android 2.3.3 - Android 2.3.7
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.