Biochemistry Lab Suite

The app aims in helping scientists and students working in the field of mass spectrometry based proteomics, metabolomics, biochemistry, biology and chemistry but also aids in general lab work.Please write me an email if you see bugs (can happen with this many different android versions to cover)!The 'Solutions' tab offers different tools for calculating the molecular weight of chemical formulae and making stock solutions, working solutions (dilutions) and buffers of a certain pH.The 'Proteins' tab supports work in the field of proteomics. There you can find information about aminoacids and calculate peptide properties like isoelectric point (pI), charge at pH 7 and hydrophobicity. The peptide fragmentation tool supports most common fragmentation types and rules. In the 'Mass shift' section mass differences (singly charged) observed between fragments in MSMS can be explained. This supports normal aminoacid additions as well as the most common posttranslational modifications (PTM). 'Protein info' allows to directly gather selected informations from Uniprot about specific proteins (this needs internet connection).The 'Chemicals' tab is providing tools concerning metabolites and normal chemicals. The 'Metabolite identification' section allows searching an internal chemical database (more than 1000 molecular formulae) for observed masses in mass spectrometry. Under 'Detergent property' detergents with specific critical micelle concentration (CMC) can be found. The 'Element info' tool is a simple periodic table of elements in list form containing lots of biochemistry relevant information for each element.Recent changes:v 2.4.3- Bugfix (third effort to fix the forceclose specific to the HTC Desire HD and Z)v 2.4.2- Bugfix (second effort to fix the forceclose specific to the "Desire HD")v 2.4.1- Bugfix (hopefully fixes the forceclose specific to the "HTC Desire HD")- Replaced background imagev 2.4- Added a section containing different aminoacid properties- Added aminoacids to the mass shift section for easier manual interpretation of MSMS spectraContent rating: Everyone
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Version 2.4.3
Operating System Android 2.2 Android Android 2.1
System Requirements Compatible with 2.1 and above.