Prognosis : Your Diagnosis

Test out your decision making skills in a risk-free environment. Assess your clinical knowledge on the go. Learn about diseases within minutes. Designed with busy physicians in mind, Prognosis: Your Diagnosis presents an engaging series of clinical case scenarios which assess the decision making skills of the player. Each scenario takes only a few minutes to play, and is accompanied by a comprehensive yet concise discussion of the diagnostic reasoning involved, and the key lessons applicable to day to day practice. All case scenarios are based on real-life patients, and have been reviewed by our editorial panel of 130+ specialist physicians spanning 30 specialties. This award winning app is a great way for practicing physicians to develop and maintain their clinical acumen in a risk-free setting. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis is also useful practice material for medical students and other healthcare professionals facing their academic and professional licensure exams. A new scenario is added weekly, ready to be downloaded onto our list of 150+ clinical cases. Achievements: #1 ranked medical app in the USA - 'Dr House for Doctors' - Discover Magazine - "One of the five best apps for doctors' - Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE) - Best Health App at the World Summit Awards 2012 User testimonials: "Worth a download. In a very short time, learned a few new things already." - "A fun way to view cases. Great for medical students and also nurses - also great for long time MDs. This is just fun." - "As an academic physician this is a great teaching tool." For comments, criticisms or to share ideas on new cases, contact us at We'd love to hear from you. Note on permissions: We use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to send you a notification each week, when a new case is released. GCM requires the following permissions: "FIND ACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE", "FULL NETWORK ACCESS", "RECEIVE DATA FROM INTERNET", and "PREVENT PHONE FROM SLEEPING".
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