BMI Calculator (free)

I'm so bored with persons like Dora and other BENETTA. Why are you so STUPID ?!CHANGE ****THE UNITS**** and USE ****INCHES**** NOT FEET !- Dora, 5'2 = 62 inches, and 62 inches with 120lbs = 21.94 BMI !!!- Charles and Erik, you are not obese, just stupid.- Yes Charles, if you put 6 FEET in the INCHES text field and 175 lbs, yes the calculation can't be right. 6 foot = 72 inches with 175lbs = 23.73 BMI !!!My application can not guess that you have not learned to read- Tom, 25.38, OMG, yes, more than 25 your are overweight, BUT if you exceeded by only 0.38, or 1, seriously! think! A lipo between your ears to get to 25? It's on the house!- tyler, are you kidding ? BMI is ONLY calculated with Height and Weight (see wikipedia).IT'S WRITTEN***Weight/lbs*** | ***Tall/inches*** IF you choose IMPERIAL UNITS (menu button) OR***Weight/kg*** | ***Tall/cm*** IF you choose METRIC UNITS (menu button) /!\ I want to thank those who took the time to understand this simple app.
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