Dudu Conso

Dudu Conso is the best tool to help you manage your High Protein Diet!When entering the Consolidation phase of this diet, there are several things to eat every day, some others once a week. Moreover, the consolidation phase should last for several months (10 days per kilo lost during the first 2 phases).Keeping track of what you've eaten during the day, or during the week is very difficult after a few weeks.- "Did I eat cheese for lunch or not ? Yes I think so... no, wait, it was yesterday... I can't remember !"Dudu Conso will help you with that ! Each time you eat one of the key products, just launch the app and tag it. If you don't remember later on, just open the app again and check !Moreover, the application contains some advice on the different products to eat, so you won't have any questions !Finally, if you want to adapt the diet to your needs, you can modify the products to add your own ones !See what other users think of Dudu Conso:-----------------------------------------"With Dudu Conso, I don't have to use my notepad anymore, my phone is always there and keeps track of my diet !"-- (Aurlie, user of Dudu Conso)-----------------------------------------"Before Dudu Conso, I used to have 2 baskets on my desk, and was moving pieces of paper from one basket to the other. The old school method is now over ! Thanks Dudu Conso !"-- (Vicky, user of Dudu Conso)-----------------------------------------So don't wait to try out this application, as the price is currently reduced for the launch !
Price USD 0.99
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File Size 7.73 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required