Provides assistance with the monitoring, recording, reporting, and correlation of food intake, and bodily movement output, for the assistance of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and other food intollerance sufferers. The application provides:Easy to use Historical Display for the reporting and correlation of food intake and bodily movementsData Management and Record Tracking for the detailed record keeping of all food intake and bodily movementsData Transfer to allow you to transfer your data to other sourcesHistorical Display Provides an easy to use visual report of food intake (represented by stars) and bodily movements (represented by triangles). The data is displayed in a weekly format, and intake / movements are colour coded based on the quality factor for the recording. You are able to add new records at the touch of a button, and scroll through past data to visualise how things change over time.Data Movement and Record Tracking Occurs over two separate table, one for Food Intake and one for Bodily Movements. Both are similar in that they record time/date, and basic information relating to the record. Of particular importance is the quality factor, as this is what is displayed on the Historical Display, where you are able to select one of three quality levels (Good, Average, or Poor). The screen also allows you to track back in time to view past records (and create new ones).Data Transfer Allows you to write a record of the data to the device, for later retrieval by syncing the device through iTunes. Data can then be transferred from the device to your computer for input and further processing as desired. Please note this program is only intended to assist those with health problems, by effectively keeping a diary, and is not expected to replace the need for good medical advice.For further information regarding this application or others, please contact us at
File Size390.54 kB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPod Touch (3rd generation or later, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad. iTunes account required.