LIVESTRONG.COM is dedicated to being our users' most valued online source of inspiring, relevant and useful health-related information. To achieve this goal, we have combined the best in health, fitness and lifestyle content: Well-known content providers such as ADAM, ASHP and Natural Standards. -Original articles and videos created by our community of experienced health, fitness and lifestyle writers and professionals -Expert input throughout the site via articles, videos, Q&A and message boards around the most discussed health topics from cardiology to nutrition and psychology -Easy, interactive tools geared toward taking action A strong and engaged community Throughout the site, members are encouraged to interact with each other and provide their opinions and experiences. At LIVESTRONG.COM, we believe health is not just static information; rather it's an ongoing conversation between experts, doctors, caregivers and patients. Through user comments, reviews, groups, Q&A and message boards, LIVESTRONG.COM members complete the site with real-life experiences and ongoing peer support. Change is driven by daily action, and that's what the LIVESTRONG.COM community is here to do.
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