Evolved from the medical practice of Dr. Asrid Reitz in Munich,Germany, 'Equine Acupressure' is a step-by-step video guide thatinstructs how to treat your horse with acupressure, a medicallyrecognized method of therapeutic support. The app isintended for both horse owners and veterinarians. A free video introduction video is available here: http://haraldgeisler.com/equine-acupressure/In contrast to acupuncture, acupressure can be used safely byeveryone, as long as he or she has been given proper instruction. Theapp provides a video introduction to equine acupressure treatment andillustrates a variety of simple but effective treatment points thatyou can easily integrate into your daily routine. In many cases ittakes only a few minutes a day to make a marked improvement to yourhorses well-being. Acupressure can help your horse become fitter,more resilient and robust, both physically and psychologically. Theexercises are also an excellent way to develop your awareness of yourhorse and how it is feeling. This in turn improves your confidencein each other.'Equine Acupressure' allows you to access the content on your mobiledevice, taking the information directly with you into the situation oftreatment.You can reference the instructions directly before the session,compare alternative combinations, troubleshoot your practice, andshare the information with other riders and practitioners.Contents:IntroductionTreatment TechniqueTreatment MethodsAcupuncture PointsRecomended Treatment MethodPoint combinations (Basic Principles)Recommended Combinations:Yin-Yang Balancing - Harmonizing EnergyTo open up the way to healing -Handle Resistance to TherapyPsychological support (Stress, Anxity, Laziness, Overreacting)Preparation for Competitions - Natural DopingSupport older Horses - Retain Health and VitalityPreventing Infection - Strengthen the Immune SystemAid to Convalescence- Recovering after AccidentsNeck Problems - Relief Stiffness, Pain & ImmobilityMuscles and Back - Relief Tension & PainAllergiesPain - General AidQuick treatment when you have only a few minutes to spareTroubleshooting
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