The program for correction of myopia. The retina of an eye contains about 10 million cones, more than 100 million rods, they have various and changeable sensitivity, the eye constantly vibrates - but due to the perfect algorithms of processing the brain creates the high-grade stable image and controls muscles of an accomodation of an eye. In case of infringements in these algorithms it can be broken and management of muscles of an accomodation of an eye, will arise myopia. Program Okulina creates images which help to restore work of algorithms - they disappear (merge with a phon) at a wrong accomodation of an eye. The program has regime of training, a regime of measurement of visual acuity (with the help of Landolt rings) and regime of graphical representation of results of trainings.
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Version 2_31
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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