PICU Calculator Lite

This application has been developed by an experienced team of clinicians to provide the user with a wealth of information with a few simple clicks.The Lite version has full functionality but only displays a limited number of results.The full version of the PICU Calculator provides normal values and doses for the following: 1)Normal Physiological ValuesHeart RateBPRespiratory RateMinimum Urinary OutputBody Surface AreaTidal Volume 2)AirwayET Tube Internal DiameterET Tube Length (Oral)ET Tube Length (Nasal)LMA Size3)FluidsFluid BolusFluid Bolus (Trauma/DKA)MaintenanceHypoglycaemia4)Induction AgentsKetamineThiopentonePropofolMidazolamFentanyl5)Muscle RelaxantsAtracuriumRocuroniumSuxamethoniumVecuronium6)ResuscitationAdrenalineAmiodaroneAtropineCalcium GluconateCalcium ChlorideDC ShockMagnesium SulphateSodium Bicarbonate7)InfusionsAdrenalineDinoprostoneDobutamineDopamineMidazolamMorphineNoradrenalineVasopressinAminophyllineSalbutamolFurosemideFentanylNitroprussideVecuroniumIsoprenalinePotassium Chloride8)AntibioticsAmoxicillinBenzylpenicillinCo-amoxiclavCefotaximeCeftriaxoneCeftazidimeCefuroximeCiprofloxacinClindamycinFlucloxacillinGentamicinMeropenemMetronidazoleAciclovirThe easy to use interphase and organisation into the above categories means the user can quickly find the information they need and make this application a real joy to use. Important design features include: The option to enter age in Years, Months and Days or as Date of BirthIf known weight can be entered in Kg or Lb/OzIf weight is not known the calculator will provide an estimated weight which has been calculated from the 50th centile for age and sex from World Health Organisation (WHO) growth charts. This increases the accuracy of the results provided by the calculator compared to using the standard formula (age in years + 4) x 2 to calculate estimated weight.
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Version 1.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required