Name Memory Trainer

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL (80% off!) -- Do you have a hard time remembering people's names? Developed by a Cognitive Science graduate of UC Berkeley, Name Memory Trainer uses the latest scientific techniques to enhance your ability to remember the names of the people you meet.Imagine that you're at a party with 100 people you haven't met. You know that remembering people's names is the first step towards relationship building - but how are you going to learn all those names! It can be done, and it just requires practice with various memory techniques.Name Memory Trainer presents this exact situation, but in a safe, stress-free environment. If you get a name wrong - that's okay! The program will adapt to your current skill level, and allow you to develop your memory skills.We've all heard that defeatist phrase: "I'm terrible with names, remind me of yours?" And we've all said it! But if you go to the gym and watch people working out, not a single one of them will say "I'm terrible at lifting weights, I'll just sit here lifting my arm up and down". But yet, according to the latest understanding of the brain, this is exactly the same thing. Your brain acts like a muscle - and while you can't see it grow with practice, it actually does! Your brain is *constantly* adding new connections and even new brain cells every day - if it is exercised. Just as sitting on the bench is no way to develop muscle, so too is admitting defeat before even trying to develop name memory skills. It takes work - but it's worth it!Name Memory Trainer was developed to enhance your memory for names by training your brain to recognize faces and develop techniques for recalling names. As you progress, the program will adapt and present additional challenges, further enhancing your skill.We highly recommend using Name Memory Trainer in a quiet environment so that you can re-create a real-life environment for your brain. When presented with a new person, we recommend speaking their name aloud as if you were meeting them in real life: "Hi Jane, it's nice to meet you. I enjoy Basketball too!" Additionally, it's advised to schedule regular time for Name Memory Trainer, preferably before bedtime. Your brain rewires itself while you sleep, meaning that the best time to learn new skills is right before bed. In a few weeks, you will be recalling names in real life with ease.As you progress, the program will present real tips from real brain experts, which you can employ to further enhance your ability to remember names. The program constantly adjusts the difficulty level according to your progress through the program. It should feel challenging, but never overwhelming. The end result will be a brain that remembers names quickly and efficiently. Take the first step towards better name memory!
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Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required