Eye Vectors - Astigmatism analysis.

EYE VECTORS is an iPhone application that makes the vector analysis and shows the resulting of two or three forces vectors when projected on the cornea. When the cornea has astigmatism and other force is induced overlapped (either by TORIC IOL, LRI-Limbal Relaxing Incisions or phacoemulsification) is required to calculate the intersection of these forces to know the final effect on the eye. The goal is to always use intraocular lenses or LRI (or both) to cancel pre-existing astigmatism.It is very easy to use:There are three vectors (named A, B and C) that can be moved and changed. To select the vector, tap the corresponding color box or touch the tip of its arrow. Move your finger to put each vector in the corresponding desired axis. The vectors A, B and C (green, blue and yellow) are the forces and RED is the final Cross Vector Result (CVR).To edit the values induced by each vector or change its name, click EDIT. You can not select two or more vectors with the same name.If you want to do analysis of only two vectors, enter value 0 @ 0 for third one.Enter the final value of induction for each vector.If each LRI induces 1.50 diopters and two incisions are made, enter 3.00 dioptes in the corresponding vector.Click the switch "SHOW IRIS" to show or hide the iris.
Price USD 2.99
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File Size 5.61 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. iTunes account required.