SensoDiet Lite

SensoDiet Lite for iphone helps you change the "mental map of overweight", with two interactive assistants, based on strategies for creating new mental associations between food and aversive stimuli and dissolving the bad food desire. Creating the right sensations about food The human brain is a perfect machine to absorb information through different learning strategies that work automatically. One of them is made up by the associations established between timed stimuli. A practical application of this ongoing learning process involves the simultaneous presentation of a product or service, in an advertisement, together with stimuli that are attractive to the viewer (perfect bodies, joy, sexual attraction, social and economic success ,...) This seeks the transfer of the displayed product or service perceived appeal. If you want to loose weight, you must build your own "advertising," and implement this stimulus association strategy between bad food and aversive stimuli. SensoDiet offers a complete image catalogue of caloric food, and also lets you select your own pictures. During the exposure session, the selected food is presented with aversive image and sounds that enhance the effect of transferring sensations between food and stimuli. The Eye Movement Pattern to dissolve food related anxiety Depending on the type of thought or mental image that you can keep on the conscious level at any given time, the physiology of your body changes. Physiology here means the whole autonomous body activity, in other words, posture, muscle tone, breathing, heart activity, eye movements, ... In order to avoid hipercalorc food, the consistency between thought and eye movements is applied via a specific eye movement pattern to dissolve the feeling of needing to eat this at this moment. The movement pattern is based on the technique proposed by Milton Erickson, a physician and hypnotherapist, known by the adoption of his models by Neuro-Linguistics. This programming strategy is based on the following steps: 1. You become aware of the "I need to eat this now" feeling. 2. You rate the intensity level of the feeling between 1 and 10. 3. You perform the ocular movement patterns over the selected image food 4. You rate again the level of intensity between 1 and 10. The effectiveness of this strategy lies in the fact that by imposing a specific eye movement pattern, the brain reinterprets the feeling in an overall manner and the intensity of the hipercaloric food cravings reduces or disappears. If you want to lose weight, SensoDiet is very useful to change the sensations that can make you fall into temptation when you try to eat healthy.
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Version 1.0
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System Requirements Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required