I created this app after personally losing close to 50lbs. Being always busy I would forget to eat throughout the day, and then I'd pig out at lunch or when I got home. This is really bad to lose weight as I was eating two large meals a day. My metabolism was non-existent. When I first found out that eating small meals 6 times a day would help me lose weight I thought it was crazy, but it works like magic. Now, I'm not saying this app is magical, you can easily do what it does using your calendar and that's what I actually did, but I hated my calendar being filled with "time to eat" events, 6 a day plus all my other events became really messy. This app allows me to set my reminders outside my calendar and keeps the built-in calendar clean, plus it gives you ideas of healthy food to eat. Eating more frequently gets your metabolism going and keeps it working at an elevated level continuously throughout the day. It will amp up your energy and keep your insulin level constant. Because you are eating more frequently, you should eat a smaller portion at each meal or snack. Use some common sense here and remember the key word is SMALL! If you are eating your normal portions, this wont work! This isnt as hard as it sounds, because you just wont be as hungry since you just ate 2 or 3 hours ago. Since you are not as hungry, it is much easier to pick a lean and healthy snack. When you let yourself get very hungry, you are much more likely to grab whatever is in sight.
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