lo-cab-u-lar-y |lkabyler| noun, 1. an app which combines location and vocabulary to produce efficient communication- he used locabulary to order his coffee- locabulary allowed her to say hello- he expressed his mood using locabulary- she asked for help using locabularyORIGINearly 21st cent. (denoting a list of words or phrases for communication): from medieval Latin locabularius, from the Latin locabulum.Developed from the concept that everyone should have a voice, Locabulary is a groundbreaking communication app designed for users of all types for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The intuitive interface uses the iPhone to communicate words, phrases, and sentences. Locabulary can be used for fun, everyday correspondence, teaching, or as a vital communication device for individuals who have difficulty speaking due to autism, brain injury, stroke, laryngeal cancer, or other conditions that affect speech. Locabulary can be used as a small, compact, and convenient alternative to bulky augmentative and alternative communication devices. The audio output level of the iPhone is sufficient for most situations but may not be loud enough in some high-noise environments. For these locations, we suggest that you connect an externally powered speaker to the headphone jack of the iPhone. Please visit our website if you need assistance locating a device.Version 1.1 includes Quick Phrase (ex. Hello, Dude, Sweet), Moods (ex. I feel daring, I am happy), Assistance (ex. Where is the restroom, Please call the doctor), and Restaurants (ex. I would like a Iced Caf Mocha Grande, I would like a Big Mac). It also includes a location-based vocabulary concept and female voice option. Future versions will include an expanded word bank, additional forms of information exchange, and additional location based communication options. Created by a team of specialists from a variety of backgrounds, Locabulary is designed to be a platform from which unlimited forms of communication and expression will emerge. Locabularly. Because Everyone Should Have A Voice. FEATURES:- Intuitive interface- Communication with single word or short phrase choices- Sentence construction as word and phrase options are presented based upon your previous selections- Adjustable font sizeINSTRUCTIONS:- Make sure your ringer is on and volume is up- Tap the "AA" button to change the font size- Tap Settings to select a voice and change the search range.- Tap the category from which you would like to communicate- Tap the word or phrase you would like to express or tap "skip" to advance to the next word- Continue to tap the next word or phrase you would like to express to form a sentence- Tap the icon in the top left corner to back up one level- Tap the Home icon to go back to the main screen- Tap Nearby and then "Locabulate" icon in the upper right to search for POI's near you. Range can be changed in the Settings Screen.- Please note that the iTouch requires an external speaker- Visit our website www.locabulary.com to provide feedback
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License Free
File Size 32.51 MB
Version 2.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with . iTunes account required.