" The Doctor Developed Music Player that Makes You Feel Smart, Relaxed, Focused & Ecstatically Happy. Like Having a Gear Shifter for Your Mind, You can use BrainIgniter to Guide Your Brain into Special Mental States of Awareness, Feeling & Performance. Brainwave entrainment technology inside." You've been hunting down that feel-good, get-things-done, love life state for what must seem like forever. You do your best to get a good nights rest, you're eating healthy, getting to the gym as often as your schedule allows and you've got a nice work space setup for yourself. But despite these noble efforts, you just can't seem to hit peak stride. The search for that perfect dose of caffeine seems like a quest that will never-end, and your memory, energy and focus seem to be dropping year-upon-year like the ball in Times Square. Don't give up quite yet, because we have a science first solution for you that you won't want to miss. It is called the BrainIgniter Player, a wonderful combination of neuro science and the power of music. When you use the BrainIgniter Player, you are doing much more than just enjoying music... you are also giving your brain -- the core of your identity -- a healthy dose of neuro technology that will revolutionize your life. With BrainIgniter, you can expect to improve and optimize: * IQ * Brain fitness levels * Focus * Beta-endorphins * Neuro connections * Acuity * Energy * Sleep quality * And much more BrainIgniter Player is a next generation mind tool for self-improvement. It adds powerful, patented, doctor developed brainwave entrainment technology to music, to create what is called iMusic. Using the player is easy making it most effective software for self-help available today. BrainIgniter offers over 50 sessions to help with a large variety of issues - everything from studying to meditation and stress relief. Just like you can adjust intensity and speed when you train your cardiovascular system on a treadmill -- just like you can choose different weights when you train your biceps -- the BrainIgniter Player allows you to adjust the intensity level that you train your brain at. A simple intensity dial allows you to gradually move from beginner, to intermediate and onto advanced intensity levels as your mental conditioning improves. "In a recent study, BrainIgnite was found to improve IQ by 18.9% on average, and by as much as 24 points, within 25 days of use."
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