What are your nightmares trying to tell you?When we sleep our subconscious can take over. But what do our dreams mean?*Free - we want to give you a taste of our app for free. Unlock all of the nightmare meanings and remove all ads with ONE in-app purchase.This app focuses on interpreting nightmares - scary or disturbing dreams. Looking at a wide variety of common nightmares including:Abductions, Aliens, Break-ups, Chased, Chasing, Drowning, Death, Failing, Falling, Haunted, Heavy, Injections, Knives, Being Late, Undressed, Prison, Sharks, Slow Motion, Snakes, Tornadoes, War and many more...Includes consideration of the phenomenon of Night Terrors, Recurring Dreams, False Wake-ups and Reliving Traumatic Events. Credits: Icon image, D Sharon Pruitt. Pink Sherbet Photography.
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System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad., Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later., iTunes account required